In 2002 “Harmony Consulting” was formed as an independent Consultancy Agency by Rien den Hartog.
Through this agency, knowledge and expertise gained as a result of years of experience in the many fields of logistics, is available on a project basis to clients.

Since 1969 Rien den Hartog has gathered a wealth of experience in
• International Transport and Distribution
• Production Logistics,
• International Food distribution,
• Spare-part operations for the HighTech and Automotive industry
• Supply Chain Management for the Airline industry.

A 20 years career in Senior Management at Unilever, was followed by positions as Director of Operations at a Third Party Logistics Service provider and also with an International Trade Company. In this capacity, Rien den Hartog was responsible for many complex operational projects and also for the innovative design, construction and implementation of a substantial warehouse and office suite in Holland.

Aggressive targets such as Efficiency Improvement, Innovation, Cost Reduction and Service Levels are seen as important objectives.

During the past 15 years Rien den Hartog has been directly involved with Global Logistics. The development and implementation of European Distribution Center functions for US and Asian based manufacturers has been his main responsibility. Rien den Hartog also has a vast expertise in negotiating contracts with large international companies and has also lead multi-disciplinary project teams.

Examples of the very high profile companies involved are Harley-Davidson and American Airlines.

Professional analysis, based on many years of operational expertise lead to result driven solutions.
The more specific areas to be analysed would be client bottlenecks; these would be defined and recorded in a project definition. Details based on the project plan would then allow both time schedules and costings to be clearly defined to identify the correct and most cost effective solutions.

Indepth analyzing of the requirements will allow the most beneficial transformation programs to be defined. Solutions can be then implemented to resolve the identified problems, and tools can be provided to the responsible managers to help supervise and monitor the quality; efficiency and costing of their processes.

Harmony Consulting strives to always involve all client employees in the analysis; advice and implementation phases of the improvement steps. This is considered vital as these key players are the people who will be ultimately responsible for the continued growth of improvement of the client company.

To meet customer requirements Harmony Consulting can agree on a defined period in which meetings are held to evaluate the results. These meetings would involve all participants and would ensure the opportunity to study further suggestions; recommendations and advice to thus ensure the best long term outcome.

The established method of working for Harmony Consulting is to be fast, pragmatic and efficient

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