Specific to Harmony Consulting is the vast expertise and experience available in Logistics and Facility and Construction Management.


Based on calculation models, optimum inventory levels are calculated, involving all specific branch requirements; seasonal adjustments, product availability and forecasted usage.

Transport and Distribution

• Support and advise on the organisational and operational implementation of transport and distribution structure.
• Calculation of Warehouse charges; Freight rates and Transportation structures and identifying negotiable costs and surcharges etc..


• Innovative designs producing the optimal warehouse layout and equipment.
• Optimisation of the warehouse processes and organisation
• Maximising the efficiency of Staff product handling
• Ensuring most effective use of all available storage / processing space

Facility Management

• Project Management
• Efficiency and quality improvements of internal and external services provided to a Customer’s organisation or operations.
• Testing and preservation of all legal requirements and permits including Customs Controls; Health Licences and Government legislations.

Implementation and Interim management

• Temporary operational management of departments or divisions

Construction Management

• For Facility Rebuilding, Renovation or Development, Harmony Consulting can organise the construction management on a project basis.
• Joint client/consultant definition of requirements
• Design, requirements, construction drawings
• Processing Applications for all required permits
• Project Management of construction activities together with monitoring progress and ensuring required meetings are conducted involving all parties; architects, building contractors, local governmental offices and the Customer.
• Harmony Consulting leads in all these activities.


• Harmony Consulting would ensure that any reorganisation or redevelopment of a company; department; or process, would be advantageous and all unnecessary costs identified and eliminated
• Harmony Consulting is able to provide full financial analysis
• Advises in defining strategy and targets
• Implements the chosen strategy.


• Analyses and prepares Customer responses to Business Proposals and Tenders maximising the chances of winning the important contracts.

Response to Tenders

• Harmony Consulting has successfully achieved the acquisition of significant projects for clients
• Harmony Consulting can independently or jointly with the Customer, calculate, present and negotiate the proposal with the client.
• After a successful proposal Harmony Consulting has the expertise to implement the project.

Quality Control

• Harmony Consulting can help to monitor, analyse and thus and ensure that any out-sourced services are performing to the Client’s expectations and in the most cost effective manner.

Team Training and Coaching

• In the field of teambuilding, training and coaching Harmony Consulting stands for quality.
• In complex day to day operations a smooth operating team is “a must”. Harmony Consulting provides on the job training and coaching of operational teams to improve effectiveness, create maximum communication and improve team co-operation.

Concept Development

• Harmony Consulting can assist you in developing new concepts and can facilitate creative discussions.
• The successful continuation of your company’s growth depends on identifying the right idea – at the right price - at the right moment.


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